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How we communicate to our prospects and customers can determine our success in business. If you have a breakdown in communication you have a failure to convert.
Remember the saying, “they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This statement is paramount to understanding the relationship customers now expect from their providers of goods and services. They may want to buy, but only on their time frame and within their expectations, not yours. Let’s examine each of the key elements, and how they are affecting your results as sales professionals.

The Greeting, is vitally important. This is your first impression contact with your prospects and customers. In your business, make sure that your prospects and customers know you’re excited that they took the time to spend with you. Your excitement will set their tone.

The Service, is the next step in your communication process. How are you communicating your service? Is it clear to your customers what you can do for them? Your job is to make it easy for your prospects to know exactly what you do.

The Follow Through, is where most businesses drop the ball. Many times we view the initial contact as fun and engaging, but the follow through is what pushes us toward the close; which is where most people apply the brakes. The best way to push past this is to implement a repeatable system that makes the close easier and more proficient. Plan to follow through, put it on your calendar and make it a priority.