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You got into business because you had the dream of making good money and having the freedom to do what you wanted.

Somewhere along the way something happened; you are still looking for the money and working harder than you ever have in your life.

Many times I talk to people who set out to “Own” a business and yet their business “Owns” them. Why is this? It all comes down to the desire to own a business, not own a job. It is determined by the mindset that gets carried into the business. You might call this emotional baggage. If you have spent any length of time as an employee you will possess an employee mindset. This employee mindset will undermine your goal of “Owning” your business and turn you into an employee.

It is vital that you break this mindset in order for your business to thrive. Employees follow rules, business owners create their own rules.

Employees work by the clock, business owners make the clock work for them.

Which are you? How is your mindset serving you?