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How many times have you thought, “I can just do this tomorrow?” This is how easy it is for our minds to move things out into the future. This is also how procrastination and avoidance creeps into our lives. It is simply us putting things off a little longer.

Why do we do this?

This happens because our mind does not perceive that there is any immediate pain associated with this decision. It basically says “there is no harm in putting this off until tomorrow.” While this is somewhat true at the moment, it will ultimately keep you from getting what you really want in life, and business. Your mind is very good at delaying action. It uses the illusion that tomorrow is where everything will happen.

Tomorrow = A magical and mystical land where 99 percent of all human productivity, motivation, action and achievement is stored.

Tomorrow is a mystical land. Your mind is telling you that “tomorrow” is where everything you want lives. It must be a truly amazing place to have so much power over our lives. Our mind convinces us that when we get to tomorrow everything will be fine. We will have more business “tomorrow”, we will be more productive “tomorrow”, and we will take action in our business “tomorrow”. Wow, with all this opportunity no wonder most people sit around and think about “tomorrow”. You probably even hear your prospective clients and customers talk about how they will be able to buy your goods and services “tomorrow”.

This type of thinking that your mind is deceiving you with, is all about wishing things to be better; but that is all it is, a wish. We are all logical enough to know that wishing isn’t going to accomplish anything. However, our mind is not talking to us with logic, it is using emotional communication. You are really being deceived by a fantasy of a better life and business.

Here is the truth in a real, pull no punches world; action now is the only thing that will ever produce the opportunity of a brighter future or “tomorrow”. It is our actions, not waiting that has real power.

Now it is true that after you take action there will be a period of waiting. For example, the farmer who tills the soil, plants the seed, waters, and then waits for the crop to grow. The key is to make sure you take the correct actions. In my observation, most people don’t take the correct action; they are merely sitting on their barren land wishing that tomorrow they will have a beautiful crop to harvest. I am sure with this example, you can see how this is just a recipe for disaster.

So, you really need to ask yourself, “are you just wishing for a better tomorrow?” You are the only person on the planet that can control how you think and if you will take action. The best way to handle this issue of waiting for the brighter tomorrow, is to begin asking yourself some very direct questions, and then answering with the most accurate thinking that you can.

What does accurate thinking mean? It means to remove all emotional reasoning from your process and be as honest with yourself as possible. Lying to yourself will not get you the result that you desire.

To get started, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How am I benefiting by believing in the magical “tomorrow land?”
  • Is my “tomorrow land” thinking moving me closer to my goal?
  • Is the “tomorrow land” thinking affecting others in my business and life?
  • Where do I see this type of thinking showing up in my life and business?
  • What steps can I take today to break this cycle?

These questions will help you transport yourself back into the current reality, where you will actually be able to take the necessary steps to move closer to your goals and desires. Make today the place of your dreams, instead of waiting for the magical tomorrow.