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From my experience, it is easy to see the correlation between fitness and building a rock star business. Fitness has always been central to my life, long before I stepped into the business arena in my youth. I have always been fascinated by the ability of the human body to adapt and grow stronger.

Isn’t that what you really want in your business? You want to be able to adapt to changes, grow stronger and overcome obstacles at a faster pace.

For me, growing in business has always mirrored my achievements in fitness. The same mindset I used to become the AAU USA Bench Press Champion 2 years back to back, and rank in the top 3 in the world, are the same principles I use to build businesses and stay ahead of the pack. It is all about reaching new levels. Here are five important keys to building a thriving business:

Dedication is key

If you’re not dedicated to your training, your results will be hit and miss. You won’t see consistent improvements; which often times lead to a mindset that defeats you. The thoughts of “it’s just not working so why try” will start creeping in. Before you know it you stop all together.

Constant pressure

People are always looking for the place where they can ease up. Let’s think about this, if you don’t continually increase your fitness levels, your body will acclimate to the new “no pressure zone” and start easing away from your peak level. It may not feel like it, but constant pressure is the only thing that builds strength.

Getting the right information for the job at hand

Many of my competitors used training regimens that had been around for decades. Did they improve? Yes, but not at the pace I was. What was the difference? I found the best trainer, got the information, and went against the grain. Business is no different. Get the best information and ignore the naysayers.

Always keep your goal in front of you

I was able to push through the physical pain of training because I kept my goal in front of me. I could see myself achieving the next goal. I could see myself with another trophy and getting the applause. There may not be trophies or applause in business, but there is freedom and financial success. What are your goals? Are you keeping your eye on the prize?

Get help when you need it

It always amazed me when I would see people in the gym doing exercises incorrectly, they were never open to asking for help or taking advice from someone with experience. When I started seeing the same behavior in business, it dawned on me. The business people, just like the people at the gym, were too proud to acknowledge they needed help. Their mind convinced them that needing help is a sign of weakness. This is far from the truth. If you look at very successful business people, they all get the right help so they can succeed. Getting help isn’t a sign of weakness; not seeking help is the real sign of weakness.

Keeping yourself in shape will always be a huge benefit in growing your business. Besides the increased stamina, energy and health benefits: The correlation of the processes of growth in your body and your business is irreplaceable.